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Johnson and Gove's plot to 'hijack' Parliament is exposed - It must be time to call in Victoria Beckham

The news that Boris Johnson and Michael Gove have staged some kind of Orwellian take over of the government was splashed over the front pages of the newspapers at the weekend.

In the style of Napoleon and Squealer from Orwell's novel Animal Farm, Boris and Michael have put their differences aside and have been secretly plotting, it is alleged, to 'hijack' Parliament in their relentless pursuit of a hard Brexit.

The basis of this rumour comes in the form of a leaked letter written by the conspiring duo to Prime Minister Theresa May setting out a host of Brexit demands. It complains of 'insufficient energy' in some parts of the government and insists any transition period must end in June 2021. They urge the Prime Minister to ensure members of her top team fall behind their Brexit plans by 'clarifying their minds' and called for them to 'internalise the logic'.

The letter has sent 'shock waves' through soft Brexit camps. It is not surprising Gove and Johnson have expressed their view but it is surprising they would write this down and use this kind of language in a letter to the Prime Minister, they say.

The emergence of this letter comes as the government prepares for the sixth round of Brexit talks this week and Mrs May was already under immense pressure. The EU has given Britain just two more weeks to come up with a set figure for Britain's divorce bill, amidst rumours that Michael Barnier, the EU's chief Brexit negotiator, has said the EU bloc are drawing up contingency plans for the possible collapse of Britain's departure talks.

Meanwhile in the House of Commons Mrs May is facing the prospect of struggling to get the EU Withdrawal Bill through parliament as a group of Tory rebels have joined forces with Labour to insist Parliament is given a proper vote on the divorce deal before it is passed. The Tory rebel and Labour contingency has also drawn up a whole series of amendments to the Withdrawal Bill which they insist must be addressed before they vote in favour of it.

Finally, it is believed Tory plotters against Mrs May have 40 MPs backing a motion of 'no confidence' against her. They need a further eight more MPs to be able to topple her from power.

It's looking like a bit of a disaster for Mrs May so I propose a fashion interlude. Victoria Beckham has announced she will be collaborating with sportswear brand Reebok for her next fashion collection. Victoria is quoted as saying she has always championed instilling confidence in women and Reebok is a brand that has been at the forefront of this message for decades.

Victoria, who may not exactly be synonymous with sportswear but has apparently made white pumps and tailoring her signature look, says she is looking forward to challenging the traditional notions of fitness wear within a fashion context.

Reebok meanwhile said Victoria is a true visionary who possesses a relentless desire to help women become the best version of themselves.

That's certainly something Mrs May can take inspiration from. The collection won't be ready until late 2018 so probably a little too far off for Mrs May to get first dibs as Prime Minister but in the meantime I whole heartedly suggest she dons a pair of platform trainers and channels some of that infamous girl power - because whilst it has been evident for months Mrs May is nothing but Prime Minister in name, I refuse for her final parting to be as a result of Johnson and Gove.

The sinisterness of this little partnership of theirs was revealed during a television interview with Gove at the weekend when he was questioned about Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, the British mother wrongly imprisoned in Iran.

It is alleged Nazanin is nearing a nervous breakdown following Johnson's ill founded remarks about her teaching journalism in Iran when she was actually on holiday. But when Gove was questioned on his view of what Nazanin had been doing in Iran, he had the gall to reply he did not know, plainly putting the political interests of his new buddy ahead of the welfare of an innocent woman.

Johnson and Gove have been exposed as the worms they are and Mrs May is in the ideal position to sack them. They have tried to undermine her as Prime Minister for far too long, pulling her strings over a hard Brexit, and possibly over other unfathomable decisions such as the sacking of Priti Patel over Johnson, but the revelation of this letter surely cuts her free from these bonds. She has nothing to lose and we as a country have so much to gain.

I want to see Mrs May up on the desk in parliament strutting her stuff to “I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want” and not waving a teary farewell to “Goodbye my friend.”


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