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Spending up to £80,000 calling in professional Christmas decorators when others can't even afford a turkey?

So apparently it has become a thing to splash out thousands of pounds to hire in professional Christmas decorating companies to deck out your house for the festive season.
We're not just talking about a holly wreath on the door and a Christmas tree in your hall, though you can go in for that at a mere snip of around £1,500. What we are talking about here is lavish winter wonderland displays that come with everything from ice rinks and live reindeer to actors coming in and playing Santa and the sugar plum fairy.
It is no longer one of the joys of the Yule tide season to come together as a family, dust off the decks from out of the loft and fight over who gets to put the star on top of the tree – not if you've got a few thousand pounds spare in your wallet to outsource this pivotal Christmas moment to a professional events company.
Rumours are that some of the wealthiest people in London have spent up to £80,000 on creating a Christmas wonderland scene with some even calling in…
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How will Theresa May celebrate striking a Brexit deal – cocktail avocado on toast perhaps

There was almost a thrill of excitement in the air last night (Thursday) as first round Brexit talks reached their crescendo. News feeds lit up with the fact urgent, through the night talks were taking place between Prime Minister Theresa May's people and the DUP to try and scratch out a more suitable deal over the Irish border and then it was straight onto the Euro Star for Mrs May, for a breakfast Brexit meeting with Jean Claude Juncker and other official EU bods with the rumour that this was it – they were about to seal the first round deal.
And they only went and did it. But curtail your excitement please because even though both the UK and EU have miraculously, as it would seem, managed to come to agreements on the divorce bill, EU citizens right and the Irish border, there is still plenty of time for it to be messed up. The official line from the EU at present is the UK has made 'sufficient progress' in order to move on to round two of the Brexit negotiations, whic…

The curious incident of the dog who ate David Davis' homework

Granted, an anecdote about government paperwork would usually be a complete snooze-fest. But in the case of David Davis and the Brexit impact assessments, it is becoming worthy of its own episode on 'Yes Minister'.
It all began about a month ago when parliament started to get fidgety about the fact they had no idea what Brexit actually meant. Quite rightly they felt it was becoming impossible to make any decisions about a hard Brexit, a soft Brexit or a par-boiled Brexit when they had no clue what any of these scenarios really entailed.
In a flash bulb moment, MPs recalled that David Davis had said he had been working on some Brexit impact assessments which he had bragged looked exhaustively into the economic impact of Brexit, department by department.
We need to see them, was parliament's reply and a vote was taken that Davis must deliver these papers up for all MPs to peruse, tout suite.
Now to back track slightly, you may recall Whitehall was caught rather off guard wh…

Brexit – The clearest evidence yet they're making it up as they go along

Britain trying to exit the European Union has turned into a political version of the Hokey Cokey. Here we are just dancing around the issue - we're in, we're out, we're shaking it all about, we're doing the Hokey Cokey, we're turning around.
No one knows what it's all about.
This has become crystal clear this week. There was a hope, wasn't there, that the staunch Brexiteers were right. The reason no one beyond the innermost Brexit circle seemed to know what was going on was because that was what big boy's doing negotiation had to do. They had to keep their cards close to their chests and sneak up on Europe, stealth like, in order to come up with the best deal.
Well that's been rumbled good and proper over the last few days as it emerged that Prime Minister Theresa May's plan for the Irish border was cobbled together on Sunday night just hours before her pivotal meeting with Jean Claude Juncker.
The public were assured there was a cast iron pl…

The extraordinary development which could see us opt out of Brexit city by city

It was all looking so promising yesterday (Monday) when Prime Minister Theresa May met with Jean Claude Juncker in Brussels to try and seal a deal, which would allow trade talks to begin next year.
The divorce bill had been set at a rumoured £50billion – but for goodness sake don't tell anybody - the Irish border situation was pretty much all worked out according to reports and the only sticking point remained over the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice over European citizens remaining in the UK.
But then a massive spanner was thrown in the works when Mrs May had to leave halfway through her lunch with EU officials to take a phone call from Arlene Foster, Leader of the DUP, who had caught wind of Mrs May's plan for Ireland which was – in order to prevent a hard border having to be put up between Northern Ireland and the Republic - allowing Northern Ireland to retain close ties with the EU by remaining in the single market and the customs union.
Ms Foster was having…

You know things are bad when Tony Blair looks like the one to save Brexit-blighted Britain

I can only assume that it is because things have sunk to such a low in this country that I am having to resort to painting former Prime Minister and war monger Tony Blair as our Saviour. But there it is.
Every time I read one of his, increasingly more frequent, quotes in a newspaper my heart lifts a tiny bit and I have visions of him suddenly bursting into the House of Commons dressed in a suit of armour, his dazzling white horse following on behind, quietly defecating on the floor (the horse not Tony). Off comes his helmet and with a roar of “Here I come to save the day” he leaps over benches and lands in the Prime Minister's seat, dust and face powder billowing from the baize cushions.
Theresa May and her hard Brexiteering cronies are long gone – last seen scurrying mouse form towards the exit like in the concluding scenes of Roald Dahl’s The Witches. Michael Gove left behind to clear up the horse manure.
I know, I can't be well. I can only conclude I am suffering from so…

The week we heard attractive women should take some of the blame for sexual harassment

Acting legend Dame Angela Lansbury caused great controversy this week by stating she felt women should shoulder at least part of the blame if they were sexually harassed or assaulted.
The actress, most famous for Murder, She Wrote, was talking to Radio Times magazine when she made the pronouncement that women have always gone out of their way to make themselves attractive to men and so should accept some of the blame should men sexually assault them.
The 92-year-old's comments are strikingly different to those of many high profile actresses following the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal, such as Cate Blanchet who recently said – and I shall paraphrase - just because women like to wear short skirts and make-up does not mean they are looking to have sexual relations with men.
Dame Angela is quoted as saying: “There are two sides to this coin. We have to own up to the fact women, since time immemorial, have gone out of their way to make themselves attractive. And unfortunately it has …