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Baffled by Germaine Greer? I suggest Ugg boots

Many feminists will feel let down by Germaine Greer this week after she criticised the #MeToo movement. A leading feminist herself, it felt she turned her back on the cause somewhat when she labelled all those who had participated in the phenomenal, online anti-sexual harassment campaign as “whingers”.
Speaking to the media after being named 'Australian of the Year' at an awards ceremony in London, she declared that women should react immediately when faced with sexual abuse or harassment and the #MeToo “business” - as she called it - would not work.
She explained that all the powerful men who were now “in all sorts of trouble” would already be briefing their lawyers. “It's going to be the OJ Simpson trial all over again in spades, it will go on and on, and it will pit woman against woman and I'm really concerned that the women who have given testimony now will be taken to pieces. Because power is power, ultimately, and the people protesting are people who don't h…
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Marney and me – a UKIP love affair

Endeavouring to understand the ructions within the UKIP party is a bit like tuning into a film half-way through. There is the love interest, the power struggle, the baddie looming in the wings, but you quickly realise you have missed all the vital groundwork to help you understand exactly what is going on and are not sure you care enough to Google the plot to find out.
I am of course referring to UKIP leader Henry Bolton and his on-off girlfriend, glamour model and party activist, Jo Marney, who have proved a tabloid newspaper's dream over the last few weeks.
Bolton has risen from apparent obscurity to take the place of UKIP leader, after a number of failed attempts to keep anyone in the job for more than 30 seconds, and whilst only holding the post for four months, he is a practical old-timer by UKIP standards.
He wasn't worth more than a passing mention until around Christmas time when he left his wife and his two young children and began a relationship with Miss Marney. Th…

Boris Bridge – the quest to enshrine himself in history continues

We all know when it comes to Boris Johnson's approach to politics it is not about what he is doing now – which is essentially to lurch from one gaff to another, each a little less funny than the last – it is about what he will be remembered for.
He wants to be slotted into this country's political history next to his hero Winston Churchill and to do so, he knows he needs to be remembered for one great thing – in Churchill's case the small matter of the Second World War. In Boris' case...well Boris is still working on that.
No doubt he hopes his latest mad-cap scheme, Boris Bridge, will be the one piece of alliterative genius to secure him historical immortality. This bridge would span the width of the English Channel, uniting Britain with France.
During the Anglo-French conference last week Boris piped up that it was “ridiculous” that the two countries, which are only 22 miles apart, are not linked by road. Choosing to ignore the fact we already have the Channel Tunne…

Review of the Week – from escaped wolves to snoozing politicians

It's fair to say it hasn't been a great week for the three little pigs. The news that a wolf had escaped from the Wolf Conservation Trust in Berkshire must have got them stoking their fires in readiness.
Luckily for the porcine trio, a nearby primary school was a potential, rather tasty, distraction. As it was, the wolf did not snaffle up a single child during his eight hours of freedom, even strolling through a sheep field without disturbing a soul.
There has been speculation, naturally, about how the wolf got out. It was the night of the 'great wind' (Wednesday) and so initial reports were an especially strong gust had blown the fence of the wolf enclosure down. Later there was talk that someone had intentionally left the gate open. Let's be honest, we know the truth – the wolf huffed and puffed and blew that fence down. Does no one read fairy tales any more?
All in all this week, we could have done with tapping back into our rich tradition of fairy tales, par…

The shock revelation from Trump's medical – he's really tall

Donald Trump has had his official medical with the White House doctor and the over-riding conclusion is, he's in peak health. I know, who would have thought it – pretty much no one after tales of his penchant for eating fast food in bed of an evening, and stories he was completely losing his marbles, as depicted in the now best-selling book Fire and Fury by Michael Wolfe.
But he's been checked over from top to toe and the fantastic news is he may live to 200-years-old – or certainly as long as the average American man, which is 76 (he's currently 71 if anyone wanted to make a note).
Despite massive amounts of probing by journalists at a press conference yesterday (Wednesday) physician Ronny Jackson was unable to give anything but glowing accounts of the American President's health. How could this be, reporters asked, when Trump has admitted an aversion to exercise and only eating McDonalds and KFC slugged down with gallons of Diet Coke? “Some people have just great …

This week's must-have purchase – cowboy boots

Yee haw. Yes, that's right, this year's hottest shoe trend is, apparently, the cowboy boot. Usually the preserve of, well, cowboys, ageing rockers and American truck drivers, the cowboy boot is the shoe to be worn by us mere horse-less mortals in 2018, particularly this spring.
Never has the cowboy boot been so desirable since Kate Moss and her cronies made bohemian fashion big in the early noughties and it was absolutely unacceptable to wear anything other than cowboy boots, floral mini dresses and tousled hair – and that was just the boys (I jest).
But giddy up because here we go again, however, this time round we are doing things a little bit differently. This time the style bibles say you can wear them with pretty much everything from a slip dress to jeans, as long as your cowboy boots are red or white. The white, they say, can work seamlessly into your wardrobe in place of your usual trainers. I may need a little bit more persuasion. Perhaps best to keep the receipt.

Theresa May must now regret holding Trump's hand

Our Prime Minister has backed herself into such a corner over possible trade deals after Brexit she is like a trapped alley cat hissing at a pack of rabid dogs. I shall regale you with the details.
The whole situation has reached a head with the cancellation of American President Donald Trump's state visit to the UK. It was announced at the end of last week that the Trumpster would not be coming to London to open the new American embassy. The official line from Trump, via Twitter, was he was not happy that the old embassy had been sold for 'peanuts' under the Obama administration and so he would have nothing to do with the opening of the new one.
Not only is this perhaps the weakest excuse man has ever heard for almost anything, as Trump must have known the circumstances of the old embassy's sale way before agreeing to come to Britain to open the new one, but it was quickly amended that the old embassy had not even been sold off under Obama but George W Bush. It appea…